Sunday, February 1, 2009

GIGIL all the time

If there was just one word that sums up how I generally feel at any given moment (okay, when I'm actually not being a grouch), it would be "gigil".

"Gigil" is a Tagalog word which doesn't have a direct English translation, but the meaning is something like having the uncontrollable urge to hug, kiss, squeeze or take a chunk out of someone because you find them so damn endearing and cute.

Needless to say, my boyfriend has tons of bite and pinch marks all over his body (especially on his fleshy belly lol) - I can't help it hahahaha. He is adorable on all levels :-).

Gigil definitely happens with others too. It's not necessarily towards something "obvious" like a cuddly puppy or a newborn, but say, the child-like excitement my boss has when approaching me about a new research project, or a stranger walking down the street snacking on an ice cream cone, or the corner deli guy grinning at me warmly as he packs sandwiches.

I guess I get gigil when I encounter things that make me feel warm and fuzzy, and smile inside. Maybe it has to do with longing for childhood and all it represents, as well as the lovely feeling that I can relate to everyone and that we're not all that different, after all.

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